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Welcome to Class 3!

Class 3 Weekly Newsletter

Class 3 Autumn term newsletter and term plan

Outdoor learning in Forest School - September 2017

July 2017 - The Class 3 children had a fantastic time at the Science Festival at Hereford Academy.

On 5th April Class 3 took part in the Ross Cluster of Schools Annual ‘Spring Sing'.

The children performed a number of songs together with our neighbouring schools. They also performed a solo rendition of ‘Bare Necessities’. As always they did us proud and performed beautifully! Well done Class 3! Thank you to all those who supported the children in preparation for and at this event.


Spring Term

Our topic this half term has been about the Romans. The children have learned about the life of Caesar and have even made Caesar crowns from card to replicate the laurel bay crown worn by the ruler. (I asked the children to pose in their crown with an air of authority, with some excellent results!).

We have plotted the Roman Invasion on a world map and researched the life of a Roman soldier as well as researching the legend of Boudicca. Everyone created a 3-D Roman Chariot complete with golden embellishments and strong horses.



For homework, the children have produced some excellent pieces of writing and design. Our story about Romulus and Remus produced some terrific results and their birth dates written in Roman Numerals have really brightened up our wall display!


In literacy we have been following the Big Writing Adventures: The Aliens are Coming! We have been looking closely at the different styles of writing and how to organise ideas in written work. As ‘Special Agents’, the entire class had to write a report for the Varnan Aliens about life on Planet Earth. The Adventure has really focussed the minds of the children and they were all able to translate what they had learned in class to produce some superb homework reports about the different types of homes that humans live in.

After recapping fractions and column addition and place value, Class 3 have been going Times Tables crazy and the results have been amazing. I think every child has made significant progress in this area and are gaining confidence every day. For those already up to speed with the Tables, we have been recognizing how their knowledge can be used to solve two and three step multiplication and division word problems. This has been a real challenge!

In science, we have been looking at light and how we see it. Our studies about sources and forms of light, progressed to learning why shadows appear and how they change throughout the day. We have also been researching how our eyes see colour, before we mixing primary paint colours together to produce secondary and tertiary colours. Well, almost!

Our class trip to Hereford Cider Museum (won in a competition entered by Emily Lewis) was insightful and brilliant. We discovered the age old process of how apples were turned into juice and then cider before appreciating how the processes had changed over time. The children loved visiting the cellar, learning about the different types of apples (e.g. Pig’s Snout and Buttery Door), playing apple hoopla, dressing up in smocks and making tunes on the musical apples! The staff at the museum were so complimentary about our children; it was such a wonderful day.


We made pop-up frog cards for World Book Day and ‘Love and Hugs’ cards for Mother’s Day. Their design and presentation skills are improving every day.


Our Sing Spring concert was a triumph! After many weeks of practising, our ‘Revolting Children’ certainly new the ‘Bear Necessities of Life’ and pulled off a fantastic performance. Well done Class 3!

Our Autumn Term Topic is 'Man, Mineral & Machines' 

We have been learning about the Industrial Revolution and the great advances the steam engine brought.

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