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Welcome to Class 3's Page!

Welcome back to school!

It's great to be back in Class 3 after the long summer break. We are settling in to new (and old) routines and had a lovely first week together.


Children in Class 3 will need their PE kit on a Monday this term for their super-exciting Latin and Ballroom Dancing lessons! Strictly, here we come! smiley


We are also starting the Daily Mile this term so we'll all be out on the field for a run at the end of every school day. Please can children make sure that PE kits (including pumps/trainers) stay in school now until half term, even if they are taking part in after school sports clubs. Thank you.


There's lots to look forward to already this year and a couple more surprises yet to come, so 2018/2019 looks set to be another fabulous year! 


Autumn Term Topic Web 2018

Class 3 Weekly Newsletter

Summer Term topic web

July 2018: Science Week! We carried out an investigation into whether balls bounce more when they are hot or cold...

In English, we have been learning to spell homophones correctly. We have had to find ways to remember which spelling goes with which meaning. The children were challenged to write stories that used lots of homophones. Can you spot them here?




We have also been learning to use a wide range of fronted adverbials in our writing. This spooky story includes fronted adverbials of time, place, manner, frequency AND possibility!



In our Whole Class Guided Reading lessons, we have learnt about different types of poem. The children had a go at writing kennings, haiku, free verse, acrostics and calligrams! Here are a few lovely examples...







In RE lessons, we have been learning about promises and rules. The children heard a story and had to think about the rules and promises that we come across when we join groups or clubs.



Proud winners of the Scope poster competition! June 2018

Proud winners of the Scope poster competition! June 2018 1

Harry Potter Studios Trip! May 2018

We've had a great afternoon finding out all about how to stay safe online. The children all took part in a drama workshop and learned lots of top tips...

Internet Safety Day! Tuesday 8th May 2018

We can't believe that it's May already!

Class 3 have started the Summer term with great enthusiasm and excitement. We have been learning about traditional poetry and especially Robert Louis Stevenson's work. The children are very excited about performing one of his poems to families as well as the whole school...

We are also very excited about our up-coming Harry Potter Studios trip since we are huge Harry Potter fans in Class 3!

As if that wasn't enough be excited about, the children are beginning to prepare a production of William Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'...there will be details and photos to follow!

Picture 1 Working hard on Additon in Maths lessons...
Picture 2
Picture 3

Class 3 is as busy as ever at the moment!


We're still practising our performance of 'Daedalus and Icarus' - a Greek Myth story that we learnt by heart for National Storytelling Week; we'll be performing it very soon.

This week, we've been celebrating Number Day by taking part in a fun quiz with Class 2 as well as measuring ourselves and recording the data.





We've also learnt lots about healthy eating as part of our science project to improve the health and fitness of a hockey team who haven't won a match all season. Check out the photos of the amazing (fake) food we made to show that we understand what makes a healthy meal...

Picture 1

We are learning about Rivers in Topic lessons this term. We made this beautiful collage of a river and it shows all of the new words we have learnt.

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

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