***Thursday 24th May - Juniors trip to Harry Potter Studios*** ***Friday 25th May - May Procession @ 11.30am***
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Class 4 Photos

Summer term brings so many changes to learn about. The children will be learning across the curriculum at Forest School.


Building 3d nets using diagonal lash knots.

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Spring term

The children have taken on a wide range of challenges this term and embraced the cold weather. They've made a bridge that holds their own weight, learnt more knots and greatly improved their shelter design and spedd at putting up a tarpaulin as a team. 

December 2017

Class 4 have been working hard designing and making musical instruments.  They have chosen their own ideas about what to make and are enjoying learning to use tools safely.

Class 4 had a special visitor who amazed them with his passion for and great knowledge of trees. Mr. Rutter is a woodland management specialist who is involved with many projects. The children worked in small groups to identify all of the different species of trees on our field.