***School and Nursery will re-open on Wednesday 13th December. Panto trip expected to go ahead.***
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Class 4 Autumn term newsletter and plan

Outdoor learning in Forest School - September 2017

Class 4's Cricket


Class 4, after the Easter holidays, have started cricket and so far the class have been enjoying it a lot.  Skills have been learnt by playing games and we have a better understanding of the game.  We played 'caterpillar catching' to help us to catch with both hands together and separately.  We also learnt how to catch the Australian way.  We played a game where we had to hit a cone and it helped us with aim and the amount of power we need for the ball to go a certain distance.  Another game taught us to have quick reactions.

Years 5 and 6 Spelling List

Class 4 have been making parachutes to investigate gravity and air resistance.

What have they learnt so far?

Dominic, ‘We know that you have to have a backup parachute to help catch more air quickly’

Sofia, ‘ It’s not as easy as it seems. If it is too heavy it is going to fall too quickly.’

Lois, ‘We have been trying to make it curve so that more air gets trapped in.’

Harley, ‘It is hard to make the parachute fly down in a straight line.

Ruben, ‘ At first you think it is really, really easy but then when you go onto make it it is harder than you expect it to be. We are trying not to make it turn over. We are going to add an extra parachute on top – it will probably catch the air more and hopefully stop it turning over.’

Grace p, ‘We are trying to trap as much air as we can because the more air you trap the slower it will fall to earth because of air resistance.’

Morgan, ‘Air resistance is a force that slows things that are falling down.’

Walk Tall

Here at St Joseph’s we want all our pupils to be happy, confident children. This week, two of our children represented us in a multi-schools workshop in Hereford that promoted self-esteem and confidence building. As part of this, children from six other schools that started the day as strangers, all became firm friends and learnt strategies to tackle teasing and bullying along the way. Hopefully our students will be able to pass on what they learnt to fellow pupils here at St Joseph’s.

Musical Tea Party:

We have been very lucky this year to have Mrs Gibson, from the Herefordshire Music Service, come in to school to teach us how to play the ukulele. You may have seen the gallery pictures on the website, of class 4 with their ukuleles during lessons. This week, however, we brought all our musical knowledge together to host a musical tea party for parents to come and see all our hard work in action. At the beginning of the year we learnt songs to sing as a class. Now, we are able to accompany ourselves on the ukulele whilst we sing too. We are very grateful to Mrs Gibson for getting us ready for this tea party performance and very proud of our children for the achievement in learning to play an instrument, to this standard, in such a short time. Well played Class 4!

Class 4 would like to invite you to a musical tea party.


On Wednesday 29th March at 2.30pm Class 4 will be performing some musical entertainment for you to enjoy.


They have been working hard over the past two terms with music specialist Mrs Gibson and she is so pleased with the children’s progress that we felt it only right you should share in your children’s success.


The tea party will take place in Class 4 and refreshments in the central area afterwards.


We look forward to welcoming you to this special event.



Autumn Term Topic - Dinosaurs and Volcanoes!


At the end of the summer term the Class and I did some planning together.  Using both this and the National Curriculum I hope an exciting term ahead has been organised!


An unexpected change!  I will now be teaching Class 4 for both English and Maths.



To begin our study of volcanoes we started by looking at the Earth.  Using play dough we were able to see how the Earth is made up of layers and on the surface tectonic plates.  We are beginning to understand how the movement of these plates and what is underneath are the cause of volcanoes.

Mrs Williams will continue to be Class 4 Learning assistant and Maths/English support for your children.


Our PE sessions will be on a Wednesday afternoon and for this term we will be welcoming some expert instructors into school to develop our skills in ball games.  Full PE kit must be in school and please ensure all items are labelled.

Here are some other resources to sharpen up the skills you often need in Class 4...