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Class 4 - Topic


In our Topic lessons this term we have been investigating and researching all about the Mayan civilisation. So far we have found out who the Mayans were, when they lived and what they created. We have created a timeline of the Mayan civilisation and plotted these events in chronological order. We have also delved into Mayan religion and looked at Mayan Gods. We have found out that the Mayans had over 150 different Gods and that many had multiple roles and duties. The children have also researched the city of Chichen Itza and found lots of information about the temple pyramid that is found there, El Castillo.

Our Mayan Work


Class 4 Science 

This term our science topic has been light. We have been looking at the properties of light and how we can see things around us. We have been able to investigate materials that will block light and cause a shadow and classify things into opaque, translucent and transparent objects. We have also looked at the spectrum of colour in light and how we see those colours in objects. We now know that white light can be fractured and split into the colours of the spectrum as well as realising that different colours actually travel at different speeds depending on their wave lengths.

Our Light Work

Our Light Work 1
Our Light Work 2

The Heart

We learned about the function of the heart and used clay to record our findings.

Do you know why we painted one side red and one side blue?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

We needed to look carefully at how the heart worked to make our clay models.

We needed to look carefully at how the heart worked to make our clay models. 1
We needed to look carefully at how the heart worked to make our clay models. 2
We needed to look carefully at how the heart worked to make our clay models. 3

Important information for ALL year 6 parents.

Calling all Year 6 Children...

Check out these websites and have fun revising for SATs.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


NSPCC Number Day 2018


The Year 5 children in Class 4 spent the morning taking part in a ‘Battle of the Robots’.

The children planned, designed and made robots that took part in a ‘propel the pellet’ challenge.

Whilst having a morning full of fun the children developed a better understanding of measuring, averages, decimals and recording data. Great team work was very apparent throughout the whole session.



Our trip to Perrygrove railway

On Thursday 25th January, Class 4 were lucky enough to visit Perrygrove Railway. We all had a wonderful day out (despite the showers), learning a lot about the history of steam trains and how the development of the railway affected our local area. We also took part in a treasure hunt, as well as having fun in the treetop adventure and exploring the indoor village. A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who made us so welcome and who taught us all about the history of trains and transport. Have a look at some of our thoughts and memories of the day.

What is there at Perrygrove?

At Perrygrove, there are plenty of really good activities to do for all ages, no matter how small or tall you are! There is an option to do the tree-top adventure, the indoor village – which was my favourite – or to go for a walk in the forest whilst completing a treasure hunt! Maybe you would like a steam train ride, the train can also take you to a park playground. All of them are great!

Molly H


We did a lot of activities but my favourite one was the treasure hunt. We had five questions to answer and if we got them all correct, we would find the right box and get a badge, a balloon and some chocolate. Subsequently, we got some tree time in the tree house area; we played a big game of tag there. We got to go on a real steam train and learn about their history. We went in groups to visit the engine room, meanwhile the rest of the class had time to explore the inside areas.        


Getting there

We started off the day with the morning register. At about 9.10 am the bus arrived, Mr Smith told us which groups we were in. On the way, all of a sudden, it started to rain.

Best bits:

  • mini village,

  • engine room,

  • gift shop,

  • treasure hunt

and most importantly . . . lunch!


I really enjoyed our trip to Perrygrove because we learned a lot about the history of locomotives and how they have developed.

Grace P

National Story telling week


In Class 4, we have enjoyed studying the story of ‘The Borrowers’ as part of our story telling week. We have compared the book and film versions of the story, before planning our own adventure for the Borrowers in school.

Year 5 photographed parts of the school from a ‘Borrower perspective’ to help us describe the setting of our stories in detail.

Have a look at our ‘Big Write’ stories!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 1
Picture 2

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