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Eco Council

The Eco Council have been very busy since being elected in September.

These are some of the things we have been working on…

The children began by weeding the raised beds.

The children began by weeding the raised beds. 1

Class 2 had a lesson about recycling

Class 2 had a lesson about recycling 1
Take a look at our Eco Code that the council have developed. Everyone is encouraged to follow this...
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Coming up this Xmas - the children have researched and found Xmas art activities that REUSE unwanted items. They have made suggestions to their class teacher, so watch out for eco friendly Xmas creations soon.


Around the school, the children have been trying to improve recycling. Miss Snaith and the children noticed that paper is reused and recycled in all classes. Fabulous!  They also noticed that 2 out of 4 classes recycle their milk cartons and that the tubes from the middle of toilet rolls were not recycled. The children in the Eco Council have made posters to remind children in the classes and toilets to do this.

Quotes – Joey- “We are trying to help the world survive and be healthy.”


In the Spring term there will be an environmental link to part of our Science week. Watch this space…

Our Eco-Councillors