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What will take place prior to classroom teaching?


What will our Art provision look like in the classroom?


What will be achieved as a result of our Art curriculum teaching?

The senior leadership team will:

· Lead the school staff to develop a clear overarching curriculum plan, which drives the ongoing development and improvement of all curriculum subjects.

· Ensure that the curriculum leaders have appropriate time to develop their specific curriculum intent.

· Provide sufficient funding and monitoring time for subject leads to ensure that implementation is high quality.


The Art subject leader will:

· Understand and articulate the expectations of the curriculum, supporting all classroom staff in the successful delivery of this.

· Ensure an appropriate progression of artistic skills and knowledge is in place over time so that pupils are supported to be the best that they can be, and supporting teachers to support and extend individual pupil attainment.

· Ensure appropriate progression of vocabulary is in place for each phase of learning, which builds on prior curriculum coverage and individual attainment.

· Ensure that resources are appropriate, of high enough quality and are plentiful so that all pupils have the correct tools and materials.

· Lead in the successful attaining of ArtsMark Gold award for the school.


Class teachers will:

· Create a long-term plan which ensures appropriate coverage of knowledge, skills and vocabulary from the progression grid.


Class teachers will:

· Deliver high quality Art teaching following the long-term planning structure of the school in order to maximise attainment for all pupils and ensure continuous and progressive learning from year group to year group.


Teaching and learning in Art will encourage pupils to:

· Study artists, including craftspeople and designers from different cultures and times, which may include independent research and make links to reading.

· Critically evaluate and analyse artists’ work to inform their own art work.

· Practically explore techniques used by the artist with appropriate media.

· Experimenting and investigating with different techniques, skills and media to own art work.

· Critically evaluate their own art work.

· Improve work after evaluation.

· Reflection and re-cap of knowledge and skills remembered and understood.


All pupils over time, develop a range of skills and techniques across all of the areas of the National Curriculum for Art.


Completed Art work provides evidence of:

· Pupils having had a wide range of opportunities for practice and refinement of skills.

· A varied and engaging curriculum which develops a range of artistic skills.

· Close studies of the work of well-known and highly skilled artists which supports understanding of pupils’ own skills and techniques. 

· Developed art work which showcases the skills learned and refined.

· Clear progression of skills in line with expectations set out in Art skills progression grids. 

As a result of our Art curriculum provision, pupils will be:

· Resilient learners who understand their own strengths and areas for development and use a variety of techniques to develop their imaginative ideas.

· Able to critically evaluate their own work as an artist.

· Confident in Art sessions, which provide opportunities for them to explore their own creative development.

· Able to talk about a variety of famous artists over time.

· Continuously developing artistic skills and confidence over time as a result of careful planning and focused delivery, along with time to practice skills.

The Art subject leader will:

· Celebrate the successes of pupils throughout the school using a variety of initiatives and shared celebrations, and by collating appropriate evidence over time which evidences that pupils know more and remember more.

· Monitor the standards in the subject to ensure the outcomes are at expected levels.

· Provide ongoing CPD support based on the outcomes of subject monitoring.


Progression of Art Skills


All aspects of the National Curriculum are continuously developed as our pupils progress on their learning journey. Here is an example of how skills are built from year to year. 


Please click on the links for progression maps of all aspects of our Art Curriculum.