Happy Summer Holidays!****We look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Thursday 2nd September 2021***
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Class 1

Olcan's chicks hatching

Still image for this video

Decorating windows and making Easter cards

Learning together

Baking cookies for vulnerable neighbours.

A child in Class 1 went camping and had a picnic in the garden 


They have been struggling with shoelaces so they created a superhero comic book, the superpower being ‘the power of yet’. This superhero, called Storm, never says he can’t do anything only that he’s not able to yet. He has a trusty sidekick T-Ray who helps him to work through his problems and now he is able to tie his shoe laces. 


They talked about emotions and what they felt like and then drew pictures of times when you felt those emotions and how those emotions looked. We used a mirror to look at our face when we show those emotions.