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Class 2

Keeping up instrument playing

Making delicious recipes

Carrot cake being created
A symmetrical butterfly pizza

The children have been busy in their gardens.

Amelie's wildlife photography skills
Growing her own vegetables

Keeping Fit and Having Fun

Celebrating VE Day

Ollie's air raid shlter

Happy birthday! We hope you had a great day!

Helping to make burgers for tea.

More amazing home learning

Following WWII recipes
Following WWII recipes
The finished product
Growing their own fruit and veg
Preparing for VE day celebrations
Preparing for VE day celebrations
Home grown produce
Hugo breaking up moon rocks
Amelie's amazing VE Day medal

A space topic in progress.

A real life butterfly life cycle in action

Having fun on a rainy day!

Learning about Maths through Science.

Fantastic sunflower painting and growing

An amazing magic box!

Working together!

Busy creating and getting messy!

Making jungle playdough
Making footprints
Creating a place to hibernate
Creating a place to hibernate
Creating a place to hibernate
Concentrating on painting
The finished product!

More amazing home learning

Leo's amazing Magic Box

Working and playing together

Fantastic work creating animal habitats and animal foot prints.

Working hard

Vera is practicing her photography skills

Science investigations

More amazing work and fun in the sun

Autumn's letter
Autumn's sunshine painting
Hugo's letter
Toby has been busy in the garden

More amazing work, well done children!

Rhys' seaside poster

Silvija's fantastic hibernation box and her representation of Pandora's Box.

A big build under construction.

Some more fantastic home learning

Autumn's hibernation home for her rabbit.
Autumn's hibernation home for her rabbit.
Working hard on his time capsule.

A hibernation home for a hedgehog

More fantastic habitats

What a fantastic animal habitat

Another busy week. Well done, great work!

Practising number work online and on paper
Measuring ingredients to make flapjacks
Making a rainbow collage

The finished product. Wow!

Hugo's chocolate invention, includes smarties and chocolate orange, yum yum!

Working hard and enjoying her 6th birthday. Happy birthday from Class 2!

An amazing habitat and a real life superhero

Examples of Rhys' work this week

Explaining the Easter Story

More home learning

Creating Wolverine's Habitat
Creating Wolverine's Habitat
The finished product!
Practicing photography skills
Weighing and baking
Pirates digging for treasure
Bicarbonate and vinegar science experiment

Rhys' Big Writing

Enjoying home learning

Working hard last week.