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Here are our finished 'Make Do and Mend' teddy bears. We had so much fun making them and I'm sure you will agree that they look fantastic!
We completed lots of different investigations involving light in our science lessons. We looked at how light is refracted and how this appears to make objects bend. We looked at how light travels through different mediums such as air, water and oil at different speeds and this makes objects appear broken or twisted. 
As part of our WW2 Topic we decided to create our very own 'Make do and Mend' Teddy Bears. We learnt how to sew and we learnt lots of different stitches. We used the over stitch to sew the edges of our bears together. We used the running stitch to give our bears some happy smiles. We also managed to attach different accessories to our bears. 

Angles of Incidence and Reflection

In this science lesson we are looking at how light is reflected. We used our torches to investigate the angles of reflection and the angles of incidence and how these are the same. We used a range of different coloured torches to show different angles of reflection. 

Big Write Shape Poems

As part of our Big Write, we created shape poems with the theme being the ocean. We looked at creatures that could be found in the ocean and then focused on adjectives to describe them. We also used a range of literary features such as alliteration, simile and personification to add greater detail to our poems.
We completed work for Black History Month with a range of different activities. We looked at black people in sport through the ages and what impact they had by completing comprehension activities. We also looked at civil rights songs and the importance they had to the civil rights movement in America in the 1960's. We also created art work inspired by 'The Caged Bird' by Maya Angelou.

Modal Verbs WW2 Posters

We created WW2 posters that included modal verbs as part of our SPaG lessons. We had been using modal verbs to show the certainty or possibility in a sentence. We then used our knowledge and included modal verbs in context.

Instruction Texts - WW2 Meals

After making our WW2 menu, we created instruction texts to go with them. We were able to construct a range of recipes that included all of the instruction text features that we had learnt in our English lessons such as imperative verbs and subordinating clauses and conjunctions. 

Our WW2 Inspired Three-Course Menu

As part of our WW2 Topic we have been looking at rationing and which foods were available to people during this period. We decided to make a WW2 inspired 3 course meal, using recipes from the war. We thought our creations were amazing and we had so much fun making them as well as tasting them.

Biography Texts - WW2 Figures

We started our English topic of biographies by becoming biographical researchers. We used a range of sources including books and the internet to create a bank of facts about a historical figure from WW2. We then turned these facts into full biographies which included features such as sub headings, chronological writing and past tense verbs. 

Healthy Living Information Texts

As part of our Big Write, we created healthy living information texts. We used features such as sub headings to organise our texts and included colour and images to make it interesting to the reader. We also discussed important titles for keeping healthy with advice for the reader to follow.

Maths learning in action!