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Day 1: Monday


Today we finished off our Talk for Writing 'innovated' story based on the story we learnt, Zelda Claw and the Rain Cat.  We wrote paragraph 5 which is the paragraph where the character escapes to safety. If you were at home today, you could write a paragraph about your own character making an escape. 

Day 2 - Tuesday.

On the sheet, complete the boxes on the right with drawing of the setting , main character and villain for your suspense story. If you have completed that part for homework already, well done. In the boxes to the right, write down notes and ideas for scary setting details that you would include in your story, actions the character might do and finally notes about clues to the danger. These notes should help you write your story. 

Day 3 - Wednesday.


This week's spelling focus: ey and eigh. 


they      weigh       eight         grey        sleigh


Use 'pyramid spellings' to practise these or choose a word and see how many times you can write it in a minute. 


Main learning:  this week we are building up to writing our final suspense story. Today we changed our Zelda Claw story maps by adding in the characters and settings that we came up with yesterday. We then practised saying our stories in pairs and to the class. Tomorrow, we will use our toolkit to add in extra sentences and write our stories down.  If you are at home and want to change the story map, here it is!



Day 4 - Thursday


Spellings:  in addition to yesterday's spellings (see above) we looked at these ou  and oo words:


 blood              trouble         young           country    


Practise them by writing them out as many times as you can in a minute and then putting them into sentences you have made up yourself.


Main learning: today we wrote our final suspense stories. If you were at home today and want to try this, you need to write a suspense story based on our Zelda Claw story which we learnt. It needs to follow this pattern:

Paragraph 1- Character in a scary setting.

Paragraph 2 - Character sees clues to something dangerous.

Paragraph 3 - Character realises what it is.

Paragraph 4 - It gets closer and closer and closer!    

Paragraph 5 - Character escapes.