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Write a poem about your Mum for Mother's Day entitled My Mum is ...


Think of words that best describe your Mum and what she does for you. 


E.g. My Mum is kind because she cooks me fabulous food. 


Try and include an alliteration, e.g. fabulous food, or a simile, e.g. as beautiful as the sun.


We started work on our story writing unit. We heard the story Vlad and the Great Fire of London.  Please take a look at the video link below to give you an idea of the story. 

Now hold a conversation with 1 other person. Pretend to be either:


Thomas Farriner (the baker) and 1 of his children

2 firefighters

Samuel Pepys and Mrs Pepys.


Think about how you would feel at the start of the fire when it's not too bad, on Day 2 of the fire when everything is catching fire and on the last day of the fire when it is finally ending but so much has been destroyed. Think about the problems these people were facing and how they might resolve them.