***Tuesday 5th - Friday 8th July - Australia Class trip to Oaker Wood ***
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France (Year 2)

Welcome to France Class!

This Spring Term, as part of our geography learning of hot and cold climates, the children in France Class designed a Lego house for different continents. They carefully thought about the materials that could be used and the weather conditions that they would experience. Children the went on to design, construct and evaluate a flood resistant house. This was put to the test when some of the houses had water poured over and under them. Some of the designs were very effective and even had drain pipes built in. Well done France Class :)

We have had a fantastic Spring Term in France Class. We have learnt all about germination in plants, parts of plants and how to look after a plants. We had great fun on our class trip to the Botanical gardens  where we learnt about how seed manage to spread themselves out and photosynthesis! 

The term ahead promises to be an exciting one  in France class! We look forward to learning all about the hot and cold climates of Antarctica and South Africa in geography and in history we will discover music from the past. In maths we have already made a great start in our times tables and division and will soon be learning more about fractions, time and shape. Swimming is always and exciting PE activity we look forward to in France class, which could only be topped by Glow-in-the-dark Dodgeball. There will definitely be lots of fantastic learning to come not to mention the fun of St. joseph's Got Talent!

Busy Bees!

Nativity Fun!

Spring Geography Knowledge Organiser

Our visit to Goodrich Castle

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