***Half Term break - Monday 25th to Friday 29th October***
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Head Lice

The school is launching a new anti headlice campaign called "Once a Week Take a Peek".


This emphasises the importance of everyone checking the family's hair for head lice every week

All children will bring home a leaflet advising parents about head lice, how to check for them and the different methods of treating them, if they are discovered. Please keep these leaflets safe for future reference.

Further information can be found at this website


If you should find head lice in your child's hair it is essential that you let the school office know. Please do not be embarrassed about this as head lice are a normal part of life and not something to be worried, panicked or ashamed about. The school will inform other parents of the class that there has been a case of head lice by letter or email.


It would be wonderful if we could make this campaign a success and get rid of the nuisance of head lice, so please take the time to read the leaflet and get into the routine of taking a peek every week!  Thank you for  your continued support.


Within most schools at any one time, there will be a small number of children infected with head lice. Infection levels remain fairly constant so we need your help to combat the bugs!

As a school we want to ensure parents/carers are provided with the advice and support to effectively detect and treat cases of head lice affecting their own children. For information on how to spot, treat and prevent head lice you may wish to visit NHS Choices or download their leaflet.


We understand your frustrations and concerns regarding head lice so here are some answers to your questions:-


Who is responsible for the prevention of head lice?

It remains parental responsibility to detect and administer treatment for head lice to their own children.


Why do you not exclude children from school who have head lice?

The Department for Children, Schools and Families advises that pupils should not be excluded. The reason for this is that although head lice are unpleasant it is not classed as an infectious disease, which warrants keeping a pupil away from school.


What is the school doing to help control infection?

Although schools no longer have ‘nit nurses’ we do recognise that we still have an important role in supporting parents in managing the problem. By working closely with parents and our pupils we can hopefully make a difference. We will provide advice and support to parents on detection and treatment. If your child is suspected of having head lice we will inform you and request that you check your child and treat if necessary.


What can I do as a parent to help control infection?

As previously mentioned it is parental responsibility to detect and administer treatment for head lice to their own children. We would like you to check your child for head lice once a week using a nit comb which are available from the local chemist. We also promote the  ‘Once a week, take a peek’ campaign. Each week on a Friday, we encourage you to ‘take a peek!’ in your child’s hair as head lice don’t always cause an itchy scalp (head) so many people will be unaware that they are infected. We understand many children like to wear their hair down but we do request that long hair is tied up to minimise head to head contact in school.

Treating head lice is not a problem. Detection and effective ongoing treatment of head lice is key to reducing the outbreaks.