***HOLIDAY CLUB - Tuesday 30th May - Friday 2nd June.*** Nursery Trip - Raglan Farm Park Wednesday 7th June 2023***
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Hippocrates - Year 6

Welcome to Hippocrates Class!

Spring Term Learning

Speak Out Stay Safe Posters

As part of our learning of the NSPCC initiative, 'Speak out, Stay safe' we created posters using Microsoft Publisher. We included key information on how children can keep themselves safe and also avenues they could take if they had a problem like speaking to a key adult or even childline.

Revisit and Review Day - Science

On our revisit and review day for Science, we looked at our topic (Living Things) from last term. We created posters to show all we had learnt during the term and created board games too. The board games were designed to help people learn new facts and information about the topic of living things, as well as being an opportunity to have fun with friends.

Autumn Term Learning

For anti-bullying week, we created posters to show how our class and school is an anti-bullying environment. We also took our posters around the other classes and gave presentations on how we can stop bullying taking place. We took questions from the younger classes on how to deal with different situations that could arise in school; what to do and who they could talk to.

Our English Lessons

We have been working hard creating our own endings to the story of Hansel and Gretel. Here we are during our editing phase to create the best sentences possible. 

Our PE Lessons

In our football lessons, we have discussed the importance of a warm up and stretching for our bodies. We have been focussing on passing and communication with team mates. We have also worked on our dribbling skills and finding space to receive a pass accurately from a partner. 

We used our communication and movement skills from other PE lessons and applied them to a new sport of dodgeball. We worked as part of a team and improved our throwing techniques. We had lots of fun taking out the opposition players!

Our RE Lessons

In our RE lessons we have been looking at the topic of 'Loving'. We discussed examples of times that we have shown love to others as well as when others have shown love to us. We thought about why people do things for us and we began discussing the concept of unconditional love. We thought about what the word unconditional meant and gained an understanding of how and why people show unconditional love. We also looked at the story of The Prodigal Son. We created a drama scene that depicted the sons in a court room to determine whether they had showed unconditional love. We then discussed how the brothers had acted during the story.

Our Computing Lessons

We have been looking at writing codes and how they are interpreted by computer systems. We quickly realised that the smallest change in a code can create a huge change on our screens. We have been using the coding app 'logo' to create our own logos using shape and turns. 

Autumn Term 2022 - Knowledge Organiser