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Hippocrates - Year 6

Welcome to Hippocrates Class!

Spring Term Topic - Amazing Americas

This term we will study different biomes across the world but in particular within the UK and North America, learning about key aspects of climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts.

We will be comparing the landscapes, climate and places in North America by planning a trip to North America and creating a travel guide.




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Spring Term Learning


We loved researching, designing and making miniature Eden Projects in D&T

Reading for pleasure at Ross library.

Dr Kempshall visited to talk to us about the circulation system.

We made blood soup to help us understand the different components of blood.

We created posters to remind others how to show respect when gaming online.

We have created sequences involving flight during our gymnastics unit.

Autumn Term Learning

We used electrical circuits to create our own crime and punishment games.

We had a fantastic trip to the Judge's Lodgings in Presteigne to find out about Victorian Christmas.

We loved learning about life during Victorian times in our school Victorian Day.

We have been learning about the components of a circuit and how to make it work.

We studied punishment artefacts from the terrible Tudors, as part of our crime and punishment topic.

As part of our RE topic, Belonging, we interviewed Father Nick about his life as a priest.

In Science, we made periscopes to prove that light can go around corners.

We loved baking cakes with our buddies, ready for the #Hello Yellow2021 cake sale.

We enjoyed hot seating Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in preparation for writing newspaper reports on King Duncan's death.

In RE the children acted out the trial of The Prodigal Son to understand the concept of unconditional love.

The children creating ukulele compositions.

Murder Mystery Morning - the children used modern detection methods to solve our crime.

Curriculum Evening Presentation

Autumn Term 2021 - Knowledge Organiser