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Please click on the link below to join in a live Speed Sounds lesson led by a Read Write Inc. trainer. These lessons will be live at 10:00 AM and again at 1:00 PM. These videos will remain on Youtube for 24 hours.


Use words from the Speed Sounds lesson, and put these into simple sentences. Remember to use Fred fingers to sound out the words. Don't forget to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


Don't forget to log on to Reading Eggs to practice reading each day. Remember there are library books for you to enjoy together as well. 

Poem a Day

Use the web links above to join in with a poem at 2:00 PM every day. The poems will be available on YouTube to watch again and again. A great opportunity for children to learn these by heart.


Focus sound - ay

Rhyme - may I play

Words to read and write - 

  • play
  • may
  • say
  • day
  • way
  • spray

Read and write sentences containing words - 

Can I play with you?

May I sing a song for you?

I say hello to my friends.

It is this way to the duck pond.

I spray water on the garden.


Focus sound - ee

Rhyme - What can you see?

Words to read and Write - 

  • see
  • been
  • seen
  • three
  • green
  • sleep

(Also read words from previous day - play, may, day, way, say and spray)

Sentences to read and write - 

  • I can see the sheep.
  • I have been for a swim.
  • Have you seen my book?
  • I will eat three sweets.
  • The grass is long and green.
  • i sleep in my bed at night.



Focus sound - igh

Rhyme - fly high

Words to read and write -

  • high
  • light
  • bright
  • night
  • fright
  • might


Read and write sentences containing words - 

I go high on my swing.

Can you put the light on?

The sun is bright.

At night it is dark.

The bat gave me a fright.

I might play football.


Alien words to read - 

  • quigh
  • kigh
  • dight
  • zigh
  • glight
  • pright



Focus sound - oo

Rhyme - poo at the zoo

Words to read and write - 

  • too
  • food
  • moon
  • zoo
  • pool
  • spoon

Sentences to read and write - 

I will go to the shop too.

I need to get some food.

I can see the full moon.

The man works at the zoo.

I jump in the pool.

I need a spoon for my pudding.


Alien words to read -

  • moom
  • choove
  • goove
  • shoom
  • drood
  • sploot



Focus sound - oo (pronounced u)

Rhyme - look at a book


Words to read and write - 

  • took
  • book
  • took
  • look
  • shook
  • foot


Sentences to read and write - 

I took the shopping out of the car.

I love my books.

Can I cook lunch for my Mum?

I look out of the window.

The dog shook his wet fur.

My foot is in my sock.


Alien words to read -

  • nipstood
  • thook
  • plook
  • swook
  • jaygood
  • snookbay