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Speed Sound Lesson

Please find below the sounds taught in class each day and example words containing these sounds.


Reading Words

Please write these on individual pieces of paper and show them to your child. They then need to look for special friends e.g. ee in the word tree. Once they have identified these, the children then need to sound out the word and say the word. 


Writing Words

Now say one of these words to your child, ask them to count how many sounds are in the word and show you using 'Fred fingers'.

E.g. the word is 'card' - the children sound this out and show 3 fingers for the sounds c, ar and d


Writing Sentences

Please give your child an example of a simple sentence including one of these words and ask them to have a go at writing it. Remind them about capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

The children can have a go at maing up their own sentences using these words.

Monday's taught sound - ay


Rhyme - May I play


Reading words (Read in 'Fred talk', then read

  • play
  • may
  • day
  • say
  • way
  • spray

Tuesday's taught sound - igh

Rhyme - fly high

Reading Words (read in 'Fred Talk', then read)

  • high
  • light
  • bright
  • night
  • fright
  • might