***Tuesday 5th - Friday 8th July - Australia Class trip to Oaker Wood ***
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Madagascar (Year 1)

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Spring Knowledge Organiser

Our Trip to Cardiff Bay

As part of our topic, we took a trip to Cardiff Bay. We went on a boat ride that took us around the bay, it was great fun but very windy! We also visited lots of other sites around Cardiff Bay and finished with our playtime in the beach play park.

Baking our Hot Cross Buns

For our D&T week, we made a selection of hot cross buns. Firstly we tasted lots of different flavours and ranked them in order of our favourite. We then designed what our own hot cross bun would look like, including the ingredients. Finally we mixed and made our buns before baking them in the oven. They were delicious!

Our Science Week

We looked at how solids dissolved in liquids as part of our Science Week this term. We then waited for our mixtures to evaporate and observed what was left behind. We also created rockets in groups using card. We designed and then made our rockets before testing them out. We measured the distances of our launches and compared our results.

Our Maths Learning

Our maths learning this term included lots of topics like addition and subtraction, measuring length, weight and volume and place value up to 50 as well as applying our skills in context.

Our PE Lessons

In PE this term, we have been looking at gymnastics. We introduced some apparatus to our lessons and focussed on jumping and moving on and off the apparatus safely.

Curriculum Evening

Autumn Knowledge Organiser

Victorian Day

We welcomed visitors to our school this week to teach us all about life during the Victorian era. We found out lots of facts about children's lives during the Victorian times and how the lives of the rich and poor were very different. We were also told about all the fantastic inventions that were created during the Victorian era including the introduction of the train and many medicines. We also got to feel what it would be like to be part of a Victorian school. We learnt about how rules were very strict and the punishments for misbehaviour. We all had lots of fun dressing up in different Victorian headwear. 

Building Our Dinosaur Eggs

We were planning to set up our dinosaur museum to show everyone our learning from this term. We started to create our dinosaur eggs after visiting All Things Wild and seeing the different size and colour eggs. We used papier mache to make the structure of our eggs and then we began to paint them.

Mrs Gorman's Visit

We were really fortunate to welcome Mrs Gorman to our class this week to talk to us about the skeletons of animals. Mrs Gorman showed us the similarities between the skeletons of birds with the fossils of dinosaurs. Mrs Gorman explained how dinosaurs evolved over time and how scientists have found lots of information about them from studying fossils.

All Things Wild Trip

As part of our topic on dinosaurs, we travelled to All things Wild park to find out more about the prehistoric animals. We had lots of fun looking at the different model dinosaurs and learning new facts. We also enjoyed sharing the facts that we had already learnt about dinosaurs with our guide. 

Our Ten Commandment Tablets

As part of our week learning about the religion of Judaism we created our own commandment tablets. We looked at the ten commandments brought down the mountainside by Moses and thought about the rules that we felt were the most important to us. We then made our own commandment out of clay.

Learning about fish in Science

Introducing Jigsaw Jack in PSHE

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