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This week our focus is capacity.



show the children containers such as plastic cups, plastic bottles or small buckets.

pour water into them and discuss when the container is full, nearly full, half full / half empty, nearly empty and empty. Maybe do it in the bath! :-)




provide the children with a range of resources. Can they show you -

  •  an empty bowl
  • a full jug
  • a half full cup
  • a nearly empty bucket


Give them the opportunity to pour from smaller containers into larger containers, encouraging them to predict how many small cups of water will we need to fill a bucket etc


Pour different amounts of fluids into bottles / containers.

Tell your child you are a wizard and you have made some potions. Can they give you the bottle / container that is full / half full / empty / nearly empty.

Can they sort the bottles / containers in order, the one containing the most to the one containing the least.


Give your child 20 pieces of paper. Go on a number hunt around the house, can your child find numbers

1 - 20? where might you find them; in a book, on a phone, on an i pad, on food packaging etc. Write them on your pieces of paper and put them in order smiley


Do activities, to focus on Maths skills.

  • Have a dressing up game - run, put on a hat, run, put on a scarf, run put on gloves, run, put on wellies. Who was quickest? How many things did you put on, in 1 minute? (Counting skills)
  • How many star jumps / hops / jumps can you do in ! minute? (Counting skills)
  • Stand in a line - pass a cushion, balloon etc along the line, from person to person, under, over, at the side. last person in the line runs to the front and starts again (position).
  • Play football - how many goals can you score? (Counting skills)
  • Play tennis - how many times can you hit the ball? (Counting skills)
  • Can you make a den - how many people can fit in? How tall is it? how long is it? (Size)