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Peru (Nursery)

We have been extremely busy here in Nursery.  Please read our newsletters and look at our photos to see what we have been up to!

Spring Term 2022

Winter: The Gruffalo

This week we have enjoyed the story of The Gruffalo. The children have been re telling the story using puppets in the rainbow shed and making the Gruffalo using a range of media. 

Maths in action this week: Frozen peas and Numicon.

Art with Miss. Jenn.

Winter: Stick Man

We have loved reading the story of The Stick Man this week. We used our hands to mould playdough into the stick man and his family. In the reading shed, we used Stick Man puppets to act out the story which the children loved! 


Winter: Arctic and Antarctic Animals

During the first part of our winter topic we have been going on lots of winter walks to see the changes in the environment. The children have used the ipads to take photo's, then download them onto the computer for us all to look at.

We made some shape penguins and pretty snowflakes for our display board and used tweezers to try and pick up the frozen baked beans!

For our Maths activity we have been matching Arctic animals to numbered snowflakes to see if we could recognise the numeral and count the number of animals. 


A Monday afternoon Tennis tots session and P.E with Paces...

The children enjoying bug hunting during forest school

Autumn term 2021

Weekly Newsletters

Autumn term topic webs

Advent and Christmas in the Nursery.

We have had a wonderful time getting ready for Christmas and celebrating advent. The children made a seasons calendar to take home - using painted fingers to create the leaves on the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter trees. They also made some lovely christmas cards and decorations. 

We have been busy practicing our first nursery nativity and the children loved opening the baubles on our advent calendar and seeing what christmas daily activity we would do!

The children had lots of fun at their Christmas party - playing games, dancing and eating lots of yummy party food!

Nursery puppet show: The selfish Giant

Our fabulous new Music and Reading shed :-)

The children practiced their cutting skills when making a collage of their favorite things from different magazines. 

Odd sock day in support of anti bullying week.

During anti bullying week the children took part in lots of activities around friendship and kindness. We made pasta friendship bracelets, played a friendly and unfriendly behaviour game and did friendship colour mixing - shook hands with a friend using different colours and printed them onto paper. 

The children helped us to celebrate Remembrance day. We made lollipop poppies and took part in a Remembrance assembly together; the children were very good during the 2 minutes silence. 

We enjoyed making shape rockets and firework cookies to celebrate bonfire night. The children used toilet rolls to make beautiful catherine wheel pictures and we loved doing a baking soda fire work display!

During our Autumn topic week we enjoyed exploring the Harvest tuff tray: Planting vegetables and tractor rolling in the mud. The children printed with different vegetables and we did some leaf and bark rubbing. 

The children have been using their sense of smell to decide which smells in the pots they like and dis like. They then recorded their preferences on the interactive whiteboard with a mark under a smiley face or a sad face. We talked about our differences; we all like different things and that's ok. smiley

We have a Nursery Llama all the way from Peru! Hermione the Llama arrived this week and the children have enjoyed giving her cuddles and will learn all about her home country; we have already made a peruvian flag for the Nursery entrance.

The children are absolutely loving their new play ground! We have been whizzing around on the cars, washing them at the car wash and fixing the bikes and cars at the garage. 

As part of our All About Me topic, the children enjoyed creating pizza faces and fruit faces. We talked about our facial features and looked at our faces in the mirrors before making our creations. 

Our first week of the Autumn term

This is our nursery self registration board. The children find their names in the mornings and put them on an acorn or oak leaf. 

This is our emotions board. We talk to the children about how they might be feeling and what they can do if they are feeling angry. They can also play the interactive feelings game and match facial expressions to feelings. 

Circle time and our morning prayer.

The children enjoying exploring the nursery, some for the first time. Our new playground has gone down very well! They love whizzing the bikes around we can't wait for the road to be painted on this month :-) 

The new nursery children enjoyed their first yoga and Moo music sessions.

Graduation 2021