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We have been extremely busy here in Nursery.  Please read our newsletters and look at our photos to see what we have been up to!

Autumn term 2021

Weekly Newsletters

Autumn term topic webs

The children are absolutely loving their new play ground! We have been whizzing around on the cars, washing them at the car wash and fixing the bikes and cars at the garage. 

As part of our All About Me topic, the children enjoyed creating pizza faces and fruit faces. We talked about our facial features and looked at our faces in the mirrors before making our creations. 

Our first week of the Autumn term

This is our nursery self registration board. The children find their names in the mornings and put them on an acorn or oak leaf. 

This is our emotions board. We talk to the children about how they might be feeling and what they can do if they are feeling angry. They can also play the interactive feelings game and match facial expressions to feelings. 

Circle time and our morning prayer.

The children enjoying exploring the nursery, some for the first time. Our new playground has gone down very well! They love whizzing the bikes around we can't wait for the road to be painted on this month :-) 

The new nursery children enjoyed their first yoga and Moo music sessions.

Summer Term 2021

Monthly Newsletter

Summer Term Topic Webs

Graduation 2021

Art with Miss. Jenn

We had a wonderful, messy Art session with Miss.Jenn! The children walked through the paint and loved creating a piece of Art to take home using paint 'pistols' and stomping on paint soaked sponges smiley

We look forward to our weekly art sessions with Miss. Jenn next term! 

Sports day and sponsored rhyme

We had an excellent sports day! The children all did so well in all their races and then we performed the rhymes we had learnt. Thank you to all the families for sponsoring the children, we are now able to buy a new maths and literacy shed for the garden smiley

Mark making and Read,Write, inc

The Oakleaves have been practicing their sounds and letter formation with Fred the Frog this half term. We have had a go at making different words with the sounds we have learnt and Fred has been very impressed! The acorns have also been practicing their pencil control and mark making skills using a range of media including water pens and the interactive white board. 

Nursery garden

We have loved exploring our new nursery garden. We have a new water wall! The children love pumping the water into the tub and changing the direction of the water using the pipes and funnels. 


We welcomed some caterpillars into nursery a few weeks ago. We watched as they spun cocoons then turned into beautiful butterflies. We fed and looked after them then released them in the nursery garden smiley

Tennis Tots

This half term, we have started tennis tots which the children are really enjoying. Steve from Ross tennis centre comes in and does some fun activities to teach them ball control and ball skills. 

Our Trip to Newbridge farm park

We had a wonderful whole nursery trip to the farm park!

We saw the animals, played in the play areas and had a very bumpy tractor ride! 

Moo Music

We have loved dressing up as Pirates, Cowboys and superhero's during Moo Music this term.

Superhero day!

Supertato and the evil pea was our book of the day on Superhero day! 

We dressed as superheros and had a special real life superhero visitor! He taught us all about being a superhero and showed us lots of different weapons. 

We did some vegetable printing, used the frozen peas with the numicon to do some counting and addition and loved smashing the evil peas with potato mashers!

We're going on a bear hunt

We used our senses to take part in our own bear hunt. We re - told the story together, and most of the children remembered the sequence of the story. We used our bare feet to walk through the grass, the squelchy mud, the ice cold river and the snowstorm! We found the bear hiding in the deep, dark cave at the end smiley

Read, Write, Inc.

The Oakleaves are getting on really well with their sounds this half term. They have enjoyed getting to know Fred the Frog who can only speak in sounds and have been practicing forming the letters on our interactive white board. 

The children have been getting to know how to use our giant tablet. We use it to write our letters and numbers and they love colouring in with their friends.


We have been exploring our senses in Nursery for the last few weeks. Touch, Taste, Smell, Hearing/Listening and sight.

We loved making jam tarts and tasting lots of the different fruits from the book 'Handas Surprise!'

We have explored a range of media with our hands: shaving foam, paint, sand and pasta. 

Moo Music

So far this half term in Moo music we have been to the Fayre and took part in activities based around 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and 'Dear Zoo. '

World Earth Day

To celebrate world earth day we planted sunflowers in compost and watered them to see how quickly they will grow. We explored the clay and made some leaf prints ready to be painted. To practice our cutting skills and talk to the children about helping our planet, we made a 'My buddy Earth.' We talked about how we can look after our environment and nature, coloured and cut out The Earth, sticking it onto a plate and making a face. smiley

Spring Term 2021

Spring Topic Webs

February Forest School

The story of Rainbow Fish

We listened to the story of Rainbow Fish and  found out about making friends and the importance of sharing.

Then we completed pictures of all the characters to retell the story.

We have been delighted to welcome 'Moo Music' to Nursery this term. The children have had lots of fun playing instruments, being waddling penguins, moving to music and being down on the farm.

Polar Animals

We have been finding out about animals, birds and other creatures that live in the Arctic and  Antarctic. The children worked together to make these amazing animals and birds to complete our beautiful Polar display.


Our topic for this half term is winter, and we have been busy using different paint techniques and shapes to make snowflakes, snowmen and penguins
We opened our Nursery shop, where the children enjoyed serving, weighing, stocking the shelves (with essential goods of course), being customers and  using card payments only. We even had our own telephone order and delivery service!

Counting is fun!

Autumn Term 2020
Topic Web

Nursery Advent Calendar

We made our own advent calendar by adding a candle each day to the birthday cake we made to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

December Forest School


We measured ourselves using Duplo blocks and then recorded our results on our Maths board. We found our  who is the tallest and who is the smallest.

We acted out a baptism in our Nursery assembly and made a Nursery family tree, using our handprints to make the leaves on the tree.

Maths - Learning in action: matching and counting with Numicon tiles

 Anti-bullying week activities.

We talked about friendly and unfriendly behaviour and played a game deciding which pictures we should put on the friendly behaviour card and which ones to put on the unfriendly behaviour card. We cut out pictures of our favourite things and found out that we like different things. In our  assembly we heard the story of  'The  Good Samaritan'  and that Jesus taught us that we should be kind to everyone.

Armisitce Day in Nursery

Role play in the home corner

Fun in Forest School

We charmed worms and made leaf boats. We built leaf bonfires and then had fun running through them and creating a leaf shower. 

We created our own number line to use for our 'number of the week'.

Making our Lowry pictures!!!

Nursery Nature Walk. Fun finding conkers, leaves, mini-beasts and feathers.