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Read, Write Inc. spelling is an interactive programme, which we follow here at St Joseph’s.  It teaches spellings in a fun and engaging way. Each unit is introduced with a short video. It helps children to learn spellings with common patterns and uses rules in order to help them recall spellings as well as teaching exceptions to these rules.


Individual workbooks allow children to practise their spellings and the teaching naturally follows on from the teaching of phonics through the RWI Phonic programme, which is taught as soon as the pre-school children start their summer term in Nursery at St Joseph’s. Therefore the children are already proficient at using dots (for individual sounds) and dashes (for digraphs- e.g., 2 letters 1 sound). 


Log Books give children ownership of their spellings and provide opportunity for children to record their own target words and refer to them to support writing within all curriculum areas.   A full list of spellings is sent home for the children to practise and familiarise themselves with in preparation for the learning activities taking place in the next week. The children encounter these words on a regular basis, so have plenty of opportunity to practice these in school.

The children learn two sets of words.  The orange words do not follow a consistent spelling pattern and are practised during class time. The red words are target spelling patterns, which have a weekly focus, both in school and at home. 

Year 6 Spellings

Red words - spelling patterns
Orange words -additional target words

Read Write Inc Spellings Sounds Charts – The document below is an overview of how the sounds can be spelt in a range of different ways within words.