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STEM Activities

Choose and complete an activity from the link below. If you want to extend your learning on this topic, follow the links on the document. 

                                       Ancient Egypt: internet research.

Can you find out, using the internet what these words mean in ancient Egypt? They are all words connected with pharaohs. Tip: Google images will be a real help here. 


1) Crook and flail.

2) Nemes headcloth. 

3) Uraeus. 

4) Ankh symbol.

5) False beard.

                          Ancient Egypt: reading and comprehension questions.


I have included two reading comprehensions on subjects the children should already know something about: canopic jars and Tutankhamun. With each, there are three levels of challenge. * = Least challenging. *** = most challenging.  Please decide which level is best for your child. 

Tutankhamun reading comprehension (all levels of difficulty included).