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Week commencing 23rd March

Please note that all Classroom Secrets activities have 3 levels of challenge;


D = Developing

E = Expected

GD = Greater Depth


Choose the level of challenge you feel is the most appropriate for you.


Each level has 2 activities (look in the bottom right hand corner); 


VF = varied fluency

R = reasoning


Today's spellings:  words ending in -sion


 Learn to spell these words:    exclusion        extension     confusion        explosion


Practice them through pyramid spellings, writing sentences with them in and writing them out as many times as you can in one minute on a piece of scrap paper. When you can spell them, try making up a few sentences which include those words and write them down. 


From your home learning pack please complete activity -  'Direct Speech' 



From your learning pack: 'What is a clause?'  Finish both sheets for this.


A clause is the main idea idea in a sentence. For example:


Although my hair was wet, I went outside.     The main clause here is I went outside.  The first part is less important.   


Joe played football when he went to the park.      The main clause here is Joe played football .    



From your learning pack: please try 'Using Conjunctions to Express Time, Place and Cause.'


Spellings: revisit your -sion words from Monday. Can you still spell them? Try to write them all out again to remind yourself.


In your learning packs: please try the 'Dream Holidays' comprehension.


New spelling pattern:  -ough words.


Rough,  tough,   though,  thought. 


Can you write mnemonic to remember this pattern? For example, 'OUGH =old ugly greedy horses'. Practise the words on a scrap piece of paper by writing out as many times as you can in one minute and doing pyramid spellings. 


Big Write: write a newspaper report based on the picture.


Look carefully at the picture below. How do you think this giant diamond landed in a field? Who put it there? Why is it so big? What else happened that we can't see in the picture? Did more diamonds fall? Did other objects fall from the sky? What is the story behind it? What did the people living nearby think, say and do? What do you think will happen next?


Your task is to write a newspaper report based on what you see in this picture and your own imagination. In the report, try to answer some of the questions above. Be imaginative! 


Your report will need: 

1) A headline.

2) An introduction telling us what happened, where it happened and when it happened.

3) Try to give quotes and opinions of people living nearby. 


Good luck Class 3!

Picture 1