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Week commencing 23rd March

Friday Big Write

Friday Big Write 1

A mystery box arrives on your doorstep, where has it come from, who sent it, what's inside?  What will you do with the parcel? Write a story about your mystery parcel. 


You could type your stories on Word or take a photo of them and email them to me. I would love to read them and share them on our class page.


Focus sound i-e

Rhyme - Nice Smile

Words to read and write - 

  • shine
  • white
  • smile
  • like
  • time

Sentences to read and write - 

The sun can shine today.

You have white teeth.

Will you smile at me?

I like to play with my toys.

What time is lunch?


Focus sound a-e

Rhyme - Make a cake

Words to read and write - 

  • make
  • bake
  • shake
  • game
  • late

Sentences to read and write - 

Can you make your bed?

I bake a cake for my mum.

The wind will shake the tree.

Let us play a game.

You will be late for tea.





Focus sound - oi

Rhyme - Spoil the boy

Words to read and Write - 

  • join
  • coin
  • voice
  • choice
  • noise


Sentences to read and write - 

  • I can join in.
  • I have a coin to pay.
  • My voice is loud.
  • Sweets are my choice.
  • That is a loud noise.