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Week commencing 23rd March

Please note that all Classroom Secrets activities have 3 levels of challenge;


D = Developing

E = Expected

GD = Greater Depth


Choose the level of challenge you feel is the most appropriate for you.


Each level has 2 activities (look in the bottom right hand corner); 


VF = varied fluency

R = reasoning

Friday Big Write

Friday Big Write 1

Friday - Big Writing


A mystery box arrives on your doorstep, where has it come from, who sent it, what's inside?  What will you do with the parcel? Write a story about your mystery parcel. 


You could type your stories on Word or take a photo of them and email them to me. I would love to read them and share them on our class page.


From your home learning pack, read the text 'The Discovery of Easter Island'. Then complete the adult led questions and challenge activity. Choose either A, B, C, or D depending on the challenge you would like. 'A' being the least challenging.


Don't forget to log on to Reading Eggs and read a book, play games and practice spellings.


From your home learning pack complete the (VF) and (R) activities on All Four Sentence types.


Remember -

  • Question - is something you can answer
  • Command -  tells someone to do something
  • Exclamation sentences -  start with 'How' or 'What'
  • Statement  - is a sentence that simply gives information. 


Write a Diary 

We have spent time writing diary entries in class, whilst we are off school can you write your own diary to keep a record of this unique time. Who will become the next Samuel Pepys?





Find the page in your home learning pack  - A Surprise at the Beach. Use the words and phrases given and write a short story. Don't forget your punctuation. 


Spellings - practice spelling key words, door, floor, poor and because. Remember to use pyramids to practice writing them.


Please complete the VF (varied fluency) and R (reasoning) activities - Using 'because', 'that', 'when' and 'if'.