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Autumn Term

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Learning in Action...

The children experimented with wet on wet watercolour techniques to create beautiful paintings of dragonflies. 

DT - Doodlers Project

First, the children needed to try and work out how the Doodlers had been constructed and the decisions that had been made regarding form and function. They then worked in teams to investigate the impact of a variety of modifications, before designing, planning and building their own Doodlers.

A Doodler works using an electrical circuit that operates a motor, offset by a counterweight.

RE - Judaism and Pesach

During Other Faiths Week, Year 5 focused on the Jewish Pesach festival. We read the story of Moses and the Israelites and the first Passover and then the children worked in teams to create a comic strip that would retell the plot, using photographs of themselves acting out the story. They carefully edited their images and added captions.