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School Clubs

St Joseph's offer a variety of  lunchtime and after school clubs.  The currents clubs on offer are:





Monday After School - Spanish Club - Key Stage 2 (classes 3 and 4)


Monday Lunchtime Club - Art with Mrs Bennet (Class 1)


Tuesday After School - Football Club with Mr Gunter Key Stage 2 (classes 3 and 4)


Tuesday After School - Science Club with Fizz Pop Science (all classes)


Wednesday Lunchtime Club  - Art  with Mrs Hurds (Classes 2, 3 and 4)


Wednesday After School Multi Sports with Corey from Paces (Classes 1 and 2 )


Thursday After School - Tag Rugby with Mr Gunter Key Stage 2 (classes 3 and 4)


Thursday After School - Yoga with Mrs Derrant (classes 1 and 2)


Friday After School - Tennis with Steve from Ross Tennis Centre  - All classes


Please ask the office for further information or to enrol in one of the clubs.

After School Yoga Club

After School Yoga Club 1
After School Yoga Club 2
After School Yoga Club 3

After School Tennis Club

After School Tennis Club  1
After School Tennis Club  2

Cricket Club

Football Club

Lunchtime Running Club

Lunchtime Running Club 1
Lunchtime Running Club 2
Lunchtime Running Club 3
Lunchtime Running Club 4
Lunchtime Running Club 5
Lunchtime Running Club 6