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Mini Vinnies

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Earlier this year children from St Joseph’s were officially commissioned by the Arch Diocese of Cardiff to become ‘Mini Vinnies’, a young version of the St Vincent DePaul Society, dedicated to making a positive difference to helping others within our community.



Commisioning Assembly

Commisioning Assembly  1
Commisioning Assembly  2

Visit to Wesbank Residential Home

Their first mission was to visit the residents of Westbank Residential Home in Ross on 9th March. The children baked cakes in preparation for their visit and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with fellow members of their community and meeting new people.

We are very excited to welcome the new opportunities this initiative is offering our children, to work as responsible members of society. We look forward to working together to strengthen our community links further.



The  Mini Vinnies did a great job delivering our food donations to the Ross Community Food Larder. After a warm welcome from Mrs Fisher, the children understood how their food collection is important in helping those in their local community. The children helped to stack the shelves and order the items accordingly. After our visit the children came back to school full of enthusiasm and ready to start thinking about our next project for helping those in the community! Great work children!


Ross on Wye Community Food Larder

Ross on Wye Community Food Larder  1
Ross on Wye Community Food Larder  2
Ross on Wye Community Food Larder  3
Ross on Wye Community Food Larder  4
Ross on Wye Community Food Larder  5
Ross on Wye Community Food Larder  6