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Spring Term

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What a fantastic trip we have had out at Clearwell Caves today! The children thoroughly enjoyed learning so much about our local caves, about what they are made from and about the history of the mines. We explored deep down in the caves and discovered pools, limestone and lots of old artifacts. The children behaved so well and were polite and intrigued about this exciting new place. We then enjoyed a picnic lunch in the cafe and a fun play in the park at Beechenhurst on our way home :) A great day full of learning for everyone!

What an amazing and inspirational week we have had in Rosa Class during 'Aspirations Week' this week! We have enjoyed visits from surgeons to firefighters and have learnt so much about many different occupations and places of work. We have also been thinking about what we want to be when we grow up and have shared these thoughts today dressing as our chosen occupation. Another super exciting and fun week in Rosa Class :)

This week the children have enjoyed learning to use the BeeBots. We have been using positional language and have learnt our left from our right to program the BeeBot to move in different directions. We enjoyed investigating these little robots and are becoming familiar with how they work. We then used what we had learnt to see if we could direct the BeeBot to go under the chair!

Spring Term Library Visit

Rosa Class enjoyed another visit to the Library this term. The children absolutely love looking through their range of books and enjoy having their favourite stories read to them. The children showed excellent listening and attention skills throughout the visit, remembering to remain respectful and quiet whilst moving around the Library. Well done Rosa Class!  

Rosa Class had a very busy week during our school's Design and Technology week! From printed Valentine's day cards to beautiful Lunar New Year lanterns, we put our busy fingers to work. Our big project for the week linked into our R.E learning about Islam. We used Modroc and junk modelling to create our very own Mosque! We made sure it had key features of a Mosque such as a minaret and a dome. The children then helped to elaborately decorate the Mosque using gems and cutting and sticking skills, and included some important Islamic symbols such as a crescent moon. We think the end result turned out fantastically - well done Rosa Class!

Safer Internet Day

Rosa Class have enjoyed learning about Internet Safety and how important it is to keep ourselves safe while playing all our favourite games online. They discussed what games they enjoyed playing and read a story all about Smartie the penguin. Smartie encountered a few problems with his tablet and the children learnt that they should always tell someone if something goes wrong when using the internet. The children then made their own Online Safety posters to help them remember this important message. 

Rosa and Disney Class had a fantastic day on Friday celebrating NSPCC Number Day together. They took part in lots of fun and engaging maths activities including using Numicon, creating their own number sentences and even decorating NumberBlock biscuits! Lots of super learning was observed and it was great to see the two classes working so well together. 

Our Trip to the Church

During our R.E learning this week, we took a trip to our local church – St. Francis of Rome Catholic Church. Father Nick met us there and we searched the Church for various features. We found some stain glass windows, a cross, the font and the altar to name a few. The children were so enthusiastic and have learnt so much lovely vocabulary throughout this topic. We then finished our visit by sitting in the pews and saying our end of day prayer.

Rosa class have enjoyed exploring the number '0' during their maths sessions this week. We discussed what zero is and showed great understanding that zero means none, and where zero comes when we count. We also talked about the number '0' and the letter 'o' looking very similar! We then went on a '0' hunt around the school to look for zero in our environment, being careful not to mistake it for the letter 'o'! - it was also crazy hair day when these photos were taken!