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Educational Visits

Educational Visits

We are firmly committed to the provision of regular educational visits for the children, to enhance the school curriculum. Each term class teachers, together with the children plan a visit that links to the topic they are learning about. Popular destinations include Eastnor Castle, Techniquest, Cardiff Museum and The Roald Dahl Museum.

A London Adventure - June 2023


In June 2023, our children embarked on an educational excursion to London, a city rich in history and culture. From the iconic Tower Bridge to the majestic Big Ben, they explored London's landmarks, each steeped in grandeur.

As day turned to night, our children settled aboard HMS Belfast, with London's cityscape providing a picturesque backdrop.

The highlight of our trip was Madame Tussauds, where lifelike wax figures of celebrities and historical icons came to life before their eyes. These moments of wonder have created lasting memories, inspiring a love for exploration.

Bristol Aquarium - March 2023


Our Year 1 children recently embarked on an educational excursion to the Bristol Aquarium. The class trip provided an exceptional opportunity for our young learners to immerse themselves in the captivating world of marine life. From vibrant schools of fish to mesmerising sea turtles, the children delighted in discovering the breathtaking creatures that call our oceans home.


Young Voices - January 2023


Our Key Stage 2 students had the exciting opportunity to attend Young Voices in Birmingham. This experience was a musical extravaganza as the children sang and danced along with thousands of other young performers from all around the country. The concert is the largest school choir event in the world, and our children were able to be a part of it. The children were able to develop their singing skills, build confidence and make new friends. The concert was a great way for them to be exposed to different types of music and to experience the power of singing in a group. It was an unforgettable experience for all of them and we are looking forward to the next one!




Black Country Living Museum - October 2022


Attenborough class had a fantastic educational experience at The Black Country Living Museum. They were able to step back in time and learn about the daily life and customs of the Black Country region during the Edwardian era. The children were able to participate in hands-on activities such as doing laundry, shopping in the general stores and experiencing an authentic Edwardian school lesson. They also learnt songs about the importance of cleanliness and education, making the learning experience both enjoyable and memorable. The Black Country Living Museum provides a unique and immersive way for children to learn about history and is a great example of the power of hands-on education.


Techniquest - October 2022


In October 2022, our year 1 children had the opportunity to visit Techniquest, a science centre founded in 1986 by Professor John Beetlestone and his colleagues from Cardiff University. This educational experience was filled with fun and excitement as the children explored and learned about the world of science. As the UK's longest established science centre, Techniquest provides a unique and interactive way for children to discover and learn about the world around them. The children had a wonderful time and were able to enjoy many new experiences that they will never forget.



Dean Forest Railway - October 2022


Nightingale class recently had the opportunity to take a field trip to the Dean Forest Railway in October 2022, where they were able to take a ride on a steam train, visit the railway's museum, and learn about the different parts of a train, the history of the Forest of Dean and the railway's role in its development, and meet a real-life train engineer. This provided the children with a valuable educational experience that allowed them to learn about the history of transportation and the importance of preserving our industrial heritage in a fun and interactive way.


Oakerwood - July 2022 (Year 5 & 6)

At the beginning of June our year 5 and 6 children set off on their Oakerwood Adventure! They all had a fantastic time taking part in a wide variety of adventurous activities, including rope courses, a zip wire run, tree climbs, invasion games and target shooting. This is such an enriching experience for our children, where they have the opportunity to grow in skills and confidence as well as supporting and encouraging one another.


Hay Festival - May 2022 (Key Stage 2)


On the 26th of May 2022, our Key Stage 2 children attended the Hay Festival and experienced presentations from Cressida Cowell, talking about her inspirations for writing her ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ book series, along with Jenny Valentine, talking about her exciting new book ‘Planet Joy’.,They also had a fabulous time taking part in some very exciting workshops.


Cardiff Bay - Madagascar Class (April 2022)


Santa Safari - December 2021 (KS1)

Reception and KS1 had lots of festive fun at the Santa Safari. The children were welcomed to the Safari park by the happy penguins who stood smartly in a row and politely nodded their heads as we arrived. The children then wandered through the snowy Christmas themed Safari park, visiting the Dinosaur Park, Reptile House, African Animal Park, Play park and then stopped for our lunch. Lastly, we all went on a magical sleigh ride to Santa's workshop where we met Santa. Santa asked the children what they would like for Christmas then invited the children through to his toy shop to choose a present. 


Judges Lodgings - December 2021 (KS2)

Japan and Australia classes had an excellent day at the Judge's Lodgings. The children learnt about Christmas in Victorian times. During the day, we visited the dining room and learnt about the 20 course meals the Victorians would eat and we played parlour games, including Hunt the Thimble. In the parlour, we learnt about the introduction of Christmas trees by Prince Albert. We looked at how the trees were decorated and enjoyed creating our own tree decorations. We investigated Christmas stockings and the meanings behind the presents children received from Father Christmas. Finally, we looked at the toys that rich and poor children might have played with. The children were, as always, a credit to us all through their behaviour and the knowledge that they shared throughout the day.



All Things Wild - November 2021

Madagascar class travelled to All Things Wild in Evesham as part of their Dinosaur topic. They took part in a train ride where they got to observe many different model dinosaurs in their different habitats. The children were led on a tour by a guide who explained all about the different dinosaur periods and how the dinosaurs eventually became extinct. The children also got to see a variety of different dinosaur fossils including a stegosaurus tail horn and a triceratops skull horn. The children completed a tour of the rest of the park where they got to see lots of different animals from around the world. They even got to see a real life ring-tailed lemur, just like their class mascot, Ringo!



Goodrich Castle - October 2021

France Class had a fabulous trip to Goodrich Castle a local monument with Norman origins.  They enjoyed drawing the castle and naming the different parts of the building.

They were able to enjoy their packed lunch outside in the lovely sunshine.


Beauty & The Beast - September 2021

We all had a fantastic time visiting the Bristol Hippodrome for the musical performance of Beauty and the Beast.  It really was a spectacular performance and the children were transfixed throughout!  Another great memory for us all to treasure.  All of the children were so well behaved and we even had members of the public complimenting their impeccable manners!

Muddy Puddles - Year 6 July 2021

In July our year 6 children had a fantastic time on their trip to Muddy Puddles.  In the morning they took part in a variety of obstacle courses and also got to meet the different animals on the farm.

After lunch they enjoyed getting stuck into the mud and working in teams.

They finished their adventure on the big water slide which was their favourite part!

Great memories everyone!



Cotswold Wildlife Park - June 2021

Van Gogh class visited Cotswold Wildlife Park and fortunately the sun was shining. We loved exploring the park and seeing animals we had never seen before. We braved the reptile house, seeing incredible snakes, even an anaconda! We saw lots of nocturnal animals that were very smelly, especially the bats.

One of the keepers gave us a talk about rainforests, showing us a variety of animals that live there. She was really impressed by our knowledge of rainforests.

We enjoyed eating ice-creams with our friends as a treat. We loved getting up close to such a variety of animals, although the penguins in particular were getting a little too close and thought we were going to feed them! Whilst eating our lunch, we were joined by a very inquisitive peacock, hoping to share our lunch.

In the afternoon we visited the giraffes and lions and even saw a baby rhino.

The children behaved beautifully and were a credit to us all. What a fantastic day out!


Newbridge Farm Park - Nursery

Today our Nursery children visited Newbridge Farm Park.   We all had a fantastic time, having our very own tractor ride and playing together on the zip wire, in the sand pits and meeting the animals!

It was a very peaceful journey on the way home, with the children sleeping after their fun packed day! Thank you to those parents who came along to help on this trip—it was a great success!

Oakerwood - June 2021 (Year 5 & 6)

At the beginning of June our year 5 and 6 children set off on their Oakerwood Adventure! They all had a fantastic time taking part in a wide variety of adventurous activities, including rope courses, a zip wire run, tree climbs, invasion games and target shooting. This is such an enriching experience for our children, where they have the opportunity to grow in skills and confidence as well as supporting and encouraging one another.

Green Spider Climbing - Class 1 June 2021

In June our Reception children—Kandinsky Class ventured to Green Spider Climbing Centre as part of their topic—Super Heroes., where they had the opportunity to practise their physical development skills.  The children had a fantastic time and were true super heroes!  Everybody tried their best and worked together as a team to support each other in their climbing efforts.  They  came back to school full of enthusiasm and confidence!

Young Voices 2020

Every January KS2 rehearse for Young Voices.  This is a massive event held at Birmingham's Genting Arena.  School from all over the region send children to sing as a massed choir.  The children practice all the songs before the event and on the evening they perform with popular musicians and dancers.  Parents can also enjoy this experience as they are able to purchase tickets for the show too.


Year 5 and 6 enjoy an annual residential trip, this is very popular with the children. We strongly encourage all parents to allow their children to attend this valuable experience. Parents are asked to make contributions towards the costs of visits; covering travel and admission charges. Without such contributions, educational visits would not be financially viable.



In addition to arranging educational visits, the school regularly hosts visiting artists, musicians and authors who perform to the children and lead workshops.  We were also delighted to send children to see HRH Prince Charles visit Ross in November 2019.
Any parents who would like to accompany their child on a school trip are most welcome, please speak to your child’s class teacher to arrange this in advance and so appropriate safeguarding checks can be arranged.