***HOLIDAY CLUB - Tuesday 30th May - Friday 2nd June.*** Nursery Trip - Raglan Farm Park Wednesday 7th June 2023***
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Summer Term

Please see the knowledge organiser and topic web for this term.

We thoroughly enjoyed playing 'shops' in Maths today. We worked with a partner and took turns being the shop keeper and the customer. We used coins up to 20p to pay for items and I must say we have some very polite and clever customers who knew exactly which coins to use.

Disney class have had so much fun making and painting their clay crowns for the Coronation. The best bit was adding the crown jewels!

Disney class enjoyed learning about their sense of touch in Science. They felt a variety of objects inside the feely bags including bubble wrap, a silk scarf, rope, teddy and feathers. They had to describe the materials using words such as rough, smooth and soft. They then had to guess what the objects were.






In Science we have been exploring senses. Today the children did a taste experiment where they had to identify the taste and describe it with words such as sweet, sour or spicy. The most popular taste was honey and the least popular lemon! Well done for being great taste detectives everyone. 

As part of our Art topic we have been looking at sculpture. We started off by looking closely at snail patterns and then sketched a pattern from observation. We then created a snail sculpture out of clay which was enormous fun! We learnt the different techniques used to roll the clay and bind it together on the back of the snail so that it wouldn't fall apart. We are now looking forward to painting them.

The children had a wonderful time using the scooters and learning new skills. By the end of the session they were whizzing up and down the hall with confidence, balance and huge smiles! Well done everyone. 

We were lucky enough to have a special visit from some very sweet and fluffy chicks today. The children each had a turn to stroke them. They learnt about what chicks need to stay healthy and happy. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Wilkes for bringing them in for us all to enjoy.