***Monday 25th September - Triple P Parenting workshop @ 9:30am**Tuesday 26th September - Year 2 @ Community Gardens***
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Making Relationships

Providing a supportive environment for the children to make positive relationships early on is very important to us at St. Josephs Nursery. We support the children to play alongside, and with other children, encouraging kindness, sharing and skills of negotiation. The children love to build dens together, play together and help each other with everyday skills.

Messy Maths!

To encourage counting like behaviour and number recognition, we often incorporate messy activities with maths. The children love to clean and count shells in the sand and match the number of shells to the numeral. We have great fun finding numbers hidden under shaving foam, jelly and a variety of other messy play!

All about me!

To promote the children's Personal, Social and Emotional Development, we learn all about ourselves and what makes us special. We encourage the children to talk about their families and share photographs from home. During art, we drew around the children and they did free painting whilst we talked about what makes them unique and what they love about themselves. We talked about our emotions and made faces to match the emotions on our feelings board.