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St Joseph’s Curriculum Statement:


At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School we aim to provide an excellent education where all children enjoy and achieve. The children are encouraged to think for themselves and to acquire lifelong skills which will prepare them for the wider world.

Developing the holistic child is of utmost importance and, with this in mind, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum which encompasses; academic subjects, sport, music, and; spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.

The teacher assesses the children in their care, in order to plan with the needs of each child in mind, setting challenging but realistic targets so that all children can make good or better progress and achieve their full potential.

The 2014 National Curriculum for England and Wales is taught at St Joseph’s. The teaching of Religious Education is based on the Religious Education Directory for Catholic Schools.

At the end of each Key Stage the children are formally assessed according to the guidance for all maintained schools. The children are assessed in English, Mathematics and Science and this is documented and reported to parents.

Please see our assessment statement here.

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Whole School Curriculum Overview

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