***HOLIDAY CLUB - Tuesday 30th May - Friday 2nd June.*** Nursery Trip - Raglan Farm Park Wednesday 7th June 2023***
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Spring Term

Our Topic

The children have begun to create questions around Rainforests that they would like to know by the end of the term. They took part in a ‘Rainforest Dash’ in teams to try and put down the existing knowledge they already have on rainforests, in order to share with the whole class. 

Our Maths

We have started our new unit ‘Right Angles’ in Maths this term. The children have started to create their own angle tools to form lots of different angles using two pieces of paper around a fixed point. All children now understand what acute and obtuse angles are, as well as identifying 90, 180, 270 and 360 degree angles using their tools. 

Our PE

The children have loved starting Dance in PE this term. We have explored the character ‘Matilda’ and created dance moves relating to Matilda’s characteristics. They have moved to an 8 count and learnt how to do a jazz square in a sequence. 

The children have been learning all about how to send emails responsibly and link attachments to them as well. They now have the knowledge needed to identify fake emails and what to do if they come across one.