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Autumn Term

Please see below our Topic WebKnowledge Organiser and Timetable for our Autumn Term

Anti-bullying Week

To kick-start our anti-bullying week, the children discussed today how we are all good and kind friends. During circle time, the children gave a reason as to why they were a kind friend, as we passed Jigsaw Jennie around our circle. The children worked hard to listen to each other and think of thoughtful answers. We then drew around one of the children, and created a new member of Rosa Class - 'Rosie'. The children then advised 'Rosie' on how to be a good friend, which I scribed around the picture, and decorated our new classmate!

This week Rosa class have been on an autumnal walk around the school. The children have been learning about seasonal changes, and all things Autumn. They worked together in pairs to search for the signs of autumn, including finding different coloured leaves, conkers and seeds. We also discussed how the weather is changing and about what clothes we might need for the different types of weather. 

Library Visit

Rosa Class enjoyed their first trip to the local library this week. The children really enjoyed looking through the books and choosing one to take home. They were confident when speaking to the library staff and used their library cards to take our their books. They also walked beautifully and sensibly to and from school and remembered the library rules - Well done Reception! 

Our First School Trip - Dinky Street!

What a fantastic day we have had on our first trip together to Dinky Street! The children absolutely loved dressing up and exploring the role play centre - from hairdressers to policemen, all the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and explored a variety of different occupations. They listened beautifully and were such superstars throughout the whole day. We then enjoyed a lovely picnic in the sunshine at Pitville Park. 

Marvellous Maths!

This week in Maths the children have been exploring the concepts of bigger/smaller, taller/smaller and longer/shorter. They have enjoyed building towers, comparing their sizes and measuring each others heights.   

Exploring our New Classroom!

We have been so impressed with how well the children have settled into their new class! We've enjoyed exploring our learning environment, started our daily Phonics & Maths sessions and explored wider areas of our school including Forest School.